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Affiliate Opportunity


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Why Become an Affiliate?

When you become a Sacred Stone Affiliate, we enter into a lucrative collaboration where you can copy and paste an affiliate link to any and all of my products/courses that you wish to sell and insert the link into an e-commerce “buy” button on your website for promotion. Feel free to copy and paste my promotional images and verbiage to recreate the product/course on my site. Once your customer clicks on the “buy” button and we make a sale, it will activate an auto-welcome instructional email on my website to register your customer, including student login information. Every affiliate will have the ability to track their profit share and the other details of every sale they make on their own dashboard inside my website. No book keeping is necessary and pay outs are automatic with one click. It’s simple, easy and fun! Why not make money while you sleep? Stipulation: All retail prices must stay congruent or higher than the ones listed on my website. Profits shares of greater than 10% are available to qualified affiliates. Contact me to discuss this option. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you!

Karyn Chabot

NCBTMB Massage Online Education CE