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By the Light of the Moon July 2020

    Natural Awakenings Magazine Moon Report
    July 2020

    The Full Moon Prenumbral Eclipse on July 4th and 5th, 2020 occurs in sidereal Sagittarius in the fierce lunar star of Poorvashadha symbolized by a winnowing basket as it floats down the river. This star heralds’ victories over enemies, promoting purification through celestial waters. It governs the oceans, rivers, nourishment and the synovial fluids of birth. While we are on the precipice of massive political and global transformation, hidden truths will be une

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    arthed giving rise to the possibility of a declaration of war. The full moon eclipse in sidereal Sagittarius may cause friction over dogmas, beliefs and religions. Jupiter governs justice and religion and owns the real estate of Sagittarius in the sky. With Mercury retrograde, gazing directly at Jupiter in July, heated arguments due to misunderstandings may unfold, especially when personal and global core beliefs and rigid religious structures become shaken. The world may face a food shortage, as well as massive earth changes in the form of tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and earth quakes which may occur within the USA before December 2020. The proverbial healing waters of Poorvashada may also bring news about a liquid vaccine before the next lunar eclipse. According to Vedic literature, during an eclipse, the molecules in the air are sticky and feisty, causing our blood platelets to become sticky and our immunity to be challenged, as well as secrets to bubble up on a global and personal level. Everyone becomes more sensitive approximately 7 days prior and 7 days following an eclipse. This is when we should allow ourselves to sleep longer, meditate, nap, sauna, steam, and indulge in magnesium warm oil baths, self-massage and clean, green eating. Bless your food. Make friends with the Spirit of the ocean this month by walking along the shore, offering gratitude and love. Stay in the eye of the Covid-19 storm by avoiding the drama, speak sweetly, allow everyone their opinion and walk gracefully with a little pep in your step and a song in your heart. Be the change the world needs. Forgive yourself and others for feeling anxious with all the uncertainty. Try to let it go and feel it pass through you like an ocean wave. United we stand. Divided we fall.

    The New Moon on July 20, 2020 will occur in sidereal cancer within the sweet lunar star of Pushya represented by an udder, rich in nourishment, and a flower blossoming with ancient wisdom. While Venus is still in Taurus, it will bless us with comforts, beauty, hope and love. Dreamy Pisces will have Mars as a house guest who invites Jupiter into the picture by encouraging the world to closely examine financial matters as well as the turbulence surrounding foreign affairs. With four planets retrograde, new beginnings will be slow and steady with the anticipation of a much-needed fresh new start. Despite the retrograde planets pulling our global and personal energy backwards, community will begin to devise new plans for forward motion to a new normal which can be implemented when these four planets station direct. The sign of cancer represents home and can ignite matters around our abodes, our bodies as well as the concept of our continental homeland. Perhaps some of you will be relocating, sizing down or reinventing your careers? Working from home permanently? Perhaps our homeland will undergo more restlessness or a deeper divide between democrats and republicans? Regardless, keep a peaceful heart as the new moon is the most auspicious time to implement new ideas, devise new plans and rebirth yourself into the person you have always wanted to become. It’s a great time to create a vision board, laying out pictures of all your dreams, aspirations and goals. Remember, we are all in this together and all is well in the Universe despite the mayhem.

    The difference between the tropical zodiac and the sidereal zodiac is about 23 degrees. Both systems have value. Sidereal astrologers believe the qualities of the signs are not related to the seasons, but rather to the specific portions of the ecliptic as measured against the fixed lunar stars.

    Karyn Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT, has her master’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine and been an international teacher and presenter in the field of metaphysics, astrology and healing for more than 25 years. For appointments: text 401-680-3934 or visit