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Happy Winter Solstice & Great Conjunction 2020

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    Happy Winter Solstice! Today’s cosmic line up has not happened since 372 CE. It’s a magical day to stand in your power, manifest your dreams and bring more healing, love and light to yourself and the world. Light a candle around 3:23pm today when these two planets merge EXACTLY. Then, step into your “Future Self” as if all your dreams HAVE ALREADY COME TRUE. Today, we will be able to step into a future portal like this because it is like a blip in time. A time warp. It’s a magical moment. A gift from the Heavens. We are in a magical cusp between the inhale and exhale. A still point.

    The veil between this world and the next is almost non-existent today and until Dec 30th. It’s a time to tell your ancestors and loved ones who have passed how much you love them because they will hear you LOUD AND CLEAR today…and you may even hear or see them. Keep your eyes on the sky and your third eye inward and sharp. Use a clear quartz terminator crystal to heighten your senses as an option. Program it to bring in “the new 5D earth” with love and ease. We will be receiving gifts akin to “gold, frankincense and myrrh” from the Divine Mother today and until Dec 30th. Perhaps love, peace and healing? What gifts to you wish to receive today? Ask and you shall receive.

    Let your mantra be gratitude. Be grateful you are alive to witness this rare cosmic event and be able to receive such gifts! From Darkness Into Light: It seems an excellent time to revisit this beautiful śloka from Bṛhadāranyaka Upaniṣad (1.3.28.):

    Asato mā sadgamaya |
    Tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
    Mṛtyormā amṛtaṃ gamaya ||

    It is known as the pavamāna mantra – a mantra chanted at the beginning of the sacred soma sacrifice and symbolizes purification. The meaning is compelling and so appropriate at this winter solstice time, while in a pandemic and with a planetary war between the great grahas of Saturn and Jupiter.

    Here is a modern rendering:
    From falsehood, lead me to truth
    From darkness, lead me to light
    From death, lead me to immortality

    Though these conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn happen approximately every 20 years, these incredibly close ones are rare and this one is said to be the third closest one in three millennia. Here are two excellent sources on line if you want to delve into this topic: Wikipedia – Great_conjunction and Rice University – Great_conjunction.

    But even these detailed articles do not deal with the astrological rareness of this event. How so? For astrologers, having Jupiter and Saturn performing this particular dance in the constellation of Capricorn has particular significance since Jupiter debilitates in this rāśi and Saturn is sva rāśi. Indeed, the December 2020 conjunction is the second time in the Common Era that this has occurred – the only other one was in 372 CE. We won’t have to wait too long for the next one. It happens on the Ides of March in 2080.

    Credits to my beloved Jyotish teacher: Penny Farrow. This powerful information comes from her newsletter at the link below.