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Ethics for Yoga and Massage Therapists

    CBTMB Credits Ethics Online


    Ethics for Yoga and Massage Therapists Course

    Investment: $22.00. Earn 3 CE credits. Approved by the NCBTMB (Provider #155301-00). Approved and accepted by most states!  Click here to discover your state regulations regarding massage therapy and continuing education (CBTMB) requirements. Immediate Transcripts. No prerequisites. Anyone can enroll.


    What Is Ethics For Yoga And Massage Therapists?

    Uncover the history, sacredness and translation of the ancient yamas and niyamas. Yamas (Sanskrit: यम), and their complement, Niyamas, represent a series of “right living” or ethical rules within Hinduism and Yoga. It means “reining in” or “control”. These are restraints for proper conduct as given in the Veda. They are a form of moral imperatives, commandments, rules or goals. This course may stimulate your thought processes and awaken the intuitive, ethical yogi or yogini that lives within you. Bring awareness to subtle forms of violent communication and inadvertent methods of stealing personal power. Learn how to distinguish culturally accepted, yet, unkind behavior and thought patterns that can occur in a therapist/client relationship. This is a fascinating learning experience for yoga instructors and massage therapists who appreciate the ancient eastern sciences as they relate to today’s world. This course also includes the Standard V. Roles and Boundaries, as required by the NCBTMB. By not loving all parts of ourselves, we are creating tiny acts of violence, which is not aligned with the principle of ahimsa. What kinds of ripples are you creating?

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    This Course Includes:NCBTMB Massage Ethics Online Credits

    • One 28-page PDF (digital) training manual with gorgeous and inspiring photos (print or read online)
    • One short video of raw footage of Karyn presenting this topic to the AMTA annual conference 2012
    • Course forms, 20-question-multiple-choice open-book exam
    • Immediate automatic transcripts available and certificate

    Student Objectives:

    • Learn the 8 limbs of Yoga
    • Learn why “non-violence” is at the root of all the Yamas
    • Learn why no one needs to be saved
    • Learn why “worry and concern” for your client can be condescending
    • Learn about the results of compassionate listening
    • Learn about the subtle power struggles between the client and therapist
    • Learn why the acts of surrender and self-study are so liberating
    • Learn the NCBTMB code of ethics
    • Understand how the east and west have different yet similar ethical systems
    • To provide clarity and insight as to why the relationship with yourself is the same you will display with your clients, friends and family.
    • To uncover the history, sacredness and translation of the yamas and niyamas.
    • To stimulate your thought processes and awaken the intuitive, ethical person that lives within you.
    • inadvertent or subtle forms of violent communication
    • Stealing personal power & energy.
    • Culturally accepted, yet, unkind behavior and thought patterns.
    • When enough is enough?
    • Learn Charaka’s Life Tonics

    See the videos below where Karyn (author of this course) is presenting on the topic of massage ethics at one of the AMTA conferences:

    Massage continuing education credits NCBTMB Ethics Online
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    Ethics for Yoga and Massage Therapists


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