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Thermo-Hydrotherapy Restorative Applications (Swedhana/Garshana) Online Certification

    Thermo-Hydrotherapy Restorative Applications (Swedhana/Garshana) Online CertificationGarshana Gharshana Ayurvedic Friction Therapy Online Course NCBTMB

    Investment: $25.00. Start anytime. Go at your own pace. Purely online.

    Receive an automated email with login credentials and instructions immediately upon purchasing this course.  Anyone may enroll. No prerequisites. This course is ideal for massage therapists, estheticians, Reiki masters, yoga therapists and other healers.

    Earn 2 CE credits from the NCBTMB (Provider #155301-00). Approved in most states, including NY & Florida.  Click here to discover your state regulations regarding massage therapy and continuing education (CBTMB) requirements.

    Home study package price includes the course and steam tent canopy.

    Explore the concepts, theory and history of hydro and thermo- therapy based on the time-proven principles of the ancient science of Ayurveda. Learn why thermo-hydrotherapy is so restorative and beneficial before and after massage, as well as a treatment on it’s own. Learn a step by step sequence as taught by Dr. John Doulliard, called garshana therapy using raw silk gloves for friction massage. Other restorative applications include massage, energy-work and fresh lemon and salt on the feet to encourage systemic detoxification since the feet are the most active terminal exit point for toxins and pain in the body. The other applications may include muds, honey, herbal oils and other materials to aid in removing impurities, stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation, and calms the central nervous system, promoting a blissful sensation. Specific marma points are located and activated in this session with light touch, along with components of cryo-therapy as a way to create homeostasis and balance in the body with the steam. The steam is a form of thermo-hydrotherapy that is produced by a steam canopy that fits over the massage table.

    Thermotherapy can be defined by inducing perspiration from heating the body’s core temperature. The steam tent is designed to induce perspiration, relaxation and detoxification. The steam will encourage toxins to loosen and soften within the body so that they move more readily into the gastrointestinal tract, supporting elimination. This therapy ignites digestive fire, metabolic fire and the immune system of all the cells within the body. It brings deep relaxation, removes stress and crystallized negative emotions and should be personalized according to the client’s emotional and physical status.

    Watch this 10 minute video below to the end so you can see the demonstration of the steam tent.

    Curriculum Content & Objectives:

    • History of Ayurveda
    • What is Thermo-therapy (swedhana)?
    • What is Garshana therapy?
    • Thermo-therapy precautionary measures
    • Five methods that facilitate thermo-therapy (swedhana)Aurvedic Steam Tent Online Course NCBTMB PACE Credits
    • Performing swedhana therapy step-by-step instructions
    • Benefits of castor oil when applied to the feet
    • Friction massage using raw silk gloves step-by-step instructions
    • Essential doshic oils for steam
    • Ayurvedic classification of massage oils
    • Nasya therapy (herbal oil applied in the nasal passages)
    • About Sacred Stone’s portable steam tent
    • Maintenance and instructions for the Sacred Stone Swedhana Steam Tent
    • Charaka‚Äôs life Tonics

    Course Includes:

    • Online enrollment
    • Access to the student dashboard with explicit, helpful step-by-step instructions
    • One 60-minute professional instructional mp4 eDVD that can be downloaded with unlimited viewing
    • One PDF (digital) 45-page illustrated training manual (print or read online)
    • Links and instructions on where to find oils, products and Ayurveda resource page
    • Sample Client Profile Form
    • Overview of the foundations of Ayurveda
    • Online course forms
    • Multiple-choice open-book exam with 39 questions
    • Transcripts are automatically enabled for printing with a passing score
    • Certification upon meeting the practicum material listed below
    • This course allows students to¬†download¬†the eDVD(s) and PDF manual(s) to their computer, for viewing at any time and as often as they wish. Once you download your course materials, they are yours forever.
    • We provide two ways to watch our mp4 E-DVDs:
      1. On our website using our FV Flow Player. No download needed
      2. Offline downloaded from our website to your computer

    Steps to Complete the Course:

    • View the e-DVD and read the PDF Manual on your student dashboard.
    • Purchase Dr. John Doulliard‚Äôs book at this link:¬†Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage.¬†¬†It costs approximately $7 used printed or $19 for the kindle edition.
    • Submit Five Student Practicum Forms for your five practice sessions. Each practice session should take about 75 minutes. Sessions may be performed in the location of your choice. Choose five different clients/friends/family.
    • Complete Five Critical Essays for each of your five practicum sessions describing your favorite and least favorite parts of this therapy and how you executed it.
    • Complete The Student Essay Course Form.
    • Complete The Client Testimony & Evaluation Form.
    • To earn ‚ÄúCertification‚ÄĚ status, attend a ‚Äúlive‚ÄĚ on-campus one-day practicum exam with a certified ABS instructor.
      OR: Submit a youtube video link of your best ‚Äúpractice 75-minute session‚ÄĚ from start to finish.
    • Youtube video upload instructions can be found at this link.

    Important Details:

    • Students have 1 year to complete, self-paced. We always allow extensions for extenuating circumstances.
    • Everyone learns at a different rate, but most students complete this course within three months while working a full-time job.
    • Practicum submissions will be graded as ‚ÄúPass‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúFail‚ÄĚ.
    • Multiple-choice exam requires 75% passing grade. Take the exam as many times as needed for a passing score, no worries.
    • All e-DVDs and webinars can be downloaded and viewed as often as needed.
    • A ‚ÄúDocument of Completion‚ÄĚ will be awarded to all students who submit a Course Evaluation Form and meet the outlined criteria with passing scores, however, ‚Äúcertification‚ÄĚ will only be awarded to e-Course students who either pass the in-person practicum exam in Newport, RI or with another Sacred Stone ABS certified instructor or submit a youtube practicum video.

    Home study package price includes:

    • Steam Tent Canopy
    • Online Enrollment
    • One PDF (digital) 86 page training manual (print or read online)
    • Course forms, exams, transcripts
    • Swedhana/Garshana Therapy 60-minute eDVD that can be downloaded with unlimited viewing.

    Equipment Purchased Separately: (optional)

    Click here to view the live campus seminar page and schedule

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    Thermo-Hydrotherapy Restorative Applications (Swedhana/Garshana) Online Certification


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