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Light on Research Methodologies

    Massage NCBTMB Research Continuing Education Credits

    Light on Research Methodologies
    A Massage & Healing Arts CE Online Course

    Investment: $22.00. This is a self-paced-start-anytime-online-course. Download transcripts immediately upon passing.
    Receive an automated email with login credentials and instructions immediately upon purchasing this course.  Anyone may enroll. No prerequisites. This course is ideal for massage therapists, estheticians, Reiki masters, yoga therapists and other healers.
    1 CE credits from the NCBTMB (Provider #155301-00). Approved in most states, including NY & Florida.  Click here to discover your state regulations regarding massage therapy and continuing education (CBTMB) requirements.

    Course Description:

    Our journey through the research process starts with defining exactly what we mean by the term research. Students should be able to identify and define the basic principles of research along with the history that led to the use of the ‚Äėscientific research method‚Äô, which is the traditional form of research widely accepted among industry standards. Students will learn the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods, primary and secondary research and how to create marketing strategies for building your massage practice and growing your practice.¬† Students will also acquire valuable knowledge in how to research for information using the Internet. These skills will help students quickly retrieve valuable information without spending hours getting caught up in a wild goose chase!

    Research in massage therapy is a crucial skill that hones our ability to think critically and discern between information that is based on fact, verses information that is based on nonsense. Critical thinking is a talent that can be polished and brightened by understanding the foundation of the philosophy of concepts, theories and hypothesis.  It is only recently, when the public has turned to more nontraditional forms of health care and wellness, that massage has become more popular. This has led to questions about the use, safety, and efficacy of massage by health professionals in the allopathic community, which in turn, has contributed to the increase in research on massage.

      This Course IncluResearch NCBTMB Massage Continuing Education Online 3 Creditsdes:

    • One 25-page PDF (digital) training manual (print or read online)
    • 1 short video (7 mins)
    • 1 video (45 mins)
    • 15 multiple-choice easy open-book exam, transcript and certificate

    Student Will Learn:

    • What subject and topics are traditionally are researched
    • What the definition of research is
    • How to recognize quality sources
    • The basic reasons for research
    • The three main objectives for research
    • The Scientific Method of Hypothesis
    • Three research categories
    • What research is NOT
    • About quality and credentialed research
    • How to identify a reputable source
    • Research designs
    • The various types of research methodologies
    • About critical thinking skills
    • The Literary Review Method
    • How to do proper library research

    Student Outcomes:

    • Be able to define what research is.
    • Be able to discern between what subjects and topics are traditionally are researched.
    • Be able to recognize quality sources.
    • Be able to explain and understand the basic reasons for research.
    • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in the three main objectives for research.
    • Be able to understand the Scientific Method of Hypothesis.
    • Be proficient in knowing the three research categories.
    • Be able to discern what research is NOT.
    • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in discovering quality and credentialed research.
    • Be able to identify a reputable source.
    • Be able to explain the various types of research methodologies.
    • Be able to sharpen their critical thinking skills.
    • Be able to understand The Literary Review Method.
    • Be able to know how to do proper library research.

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    Light on Research Methodologies


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