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Hot Stone Marma Therapy For Face, Neck, Feet & Hands Online Certification

    Hot Stone Marma Therapy For Face, Neck, Feet & Hands Online Certification

    Start anytime. Go at your own pace. Purely online.
    Receive an automated email with login credentials and instructions immediately upon purchasing this course.  Anyone may enroll. No prerequisites. This course is ideal for massage therapists, estheticians, Reiki masters, yoga therapists and other healers.

    Earn 50 CE credits. Most students complete this course over a span of 11 hours, despite the 50 CEs assigned to this course. Approved in most states, including NY & Florida.  Click here to discover your state regulations regarding massage therapy and continuing education (CBTMB) requirements. NCBTMB (Provider #155301-00).


    Stone medicine is as old as the earth. There is a Spirit within each stone, alive with sacred sweet earth energy. They are the Proverbial Record Keepers of the world, containing all the stories and secrets of Mother Earth. I developed Sacred Stone Massage Therapy to Newport, RI in 1999 while renting a summer home on a powerful stone beach. I have been a stone collector since I was 5 years old and wanted to bring the power of stones into my healing practice. This online course includes many components of Sacred Stone Massage Therapy, but is focused more on the upper body, oils and marma point therapy for longevity and beauty. Students will learn how to massage of the face, neck, shoulders, décolleté, hands and feet using fresh lemon, ointments, stones and salves. We cradled the entire body in warm smooth stones, supporting the joints, correcting postural imbalances and removing pain.

    As a form of contract hydrotherapy, I teach how to alternate chilled snow-quartz and warm, textured and heated smooth granite mineral composite sea stones as extensions of my hands and heart, as well as tools for massage, healing, rejuvenation and beauty. Marma points are junctions of consciousness where vata, pitta and kapha meet. They are doorways into the physical body and energy body. We use these sacred points for analysis as well as remedial measures. During this therapy, marma points on the upper body are awakened, providing more vitality to the entire body, stimulating circulation and imparting a rosy glow to the face. I teach how to incorporate crystal gemstone therapy along the marma points and other strategic locations to move and clear heavy energy. An emphasis on gliding, mudra and effleurage techniques combined with the stones sets this course apart from most others. Students will learn about the healing properties of neem-coconut-lavender oils, sinus clearing oils and how to apply a raw honey mask, along with other ancient Ayurvedic longevity and beauty secrets. Learn about the properties of various oils and how they can be doshic specific to each client. I highly recommend this course for clients who are shy about removing their clothes. This particular treatment can feel like a “whole body” treatment, yet the client can keep his/her clothes on. A woman may choose to keep her bra top on and remove her shirt so the therapist can access shoulders and d√©collet√©.

    Hot Stone Facial therapy

    Click Here for a Sneak Preview of the Sacred Stone Crystal & Marma Facial Therapy Manual

    Course Includes:

    • Access to the student online dashboard with explicit, helpful step-by-step instructions
    • Two 60-minute professional instructional mp4 eDVDs that can be downloaded with unlimited viewing
    • One of the eDVD is live footage of a Sacred Stone Therapy class
    • One PDF (digital) 105 page illustrated training manual (print or read online)
    • Links and instructions on where to find oils, products and Ayurveda resource page
    • Sample Sacred Stone Therapy Client Profile
    • Overview of the foundations of Ayurveda
    • Online course forms
    • Multiple-choice open-book exam with 52 questions
    • Transcripts are automatically enabled for printing with a passing score
    • Certification upon meeting the practicum material listed below
    • This course allows students to¬†download¬†the eDVD(s) and PDF manual(s) to their computer, for viewing at any time and as often as they wish. Once you download your course materials, they are yours forever.
    • We provide two ways to watch our mp4 E-DVDs:
      1. On our website using our FV Flow Player. No download needed
      2. Offline downloaded from our website to your computer

    Steps to Complete the Course:

    • View the e-DVD and read the PDF Manual on your student dashboard.
    • Purchase Dr. John Doulliard‚Äôs book at this link:¬†Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage.¬†¬†It costs approximately $7 used printed or $19 for the kindle edition.
    • Submit Five Student Practicum Forms for your five practice sessions. Each practice session should take about 75 minutes. Sessions may be performed in the location of your choice. Choose five different clients/friends/family.
    • Complete Five Critical Essays for each of your five practicum sessions describing your favorite and least favorite parts of this therapy and how you executed it.
    • Complete The Student Essay Course Form.
    • Complete The Client Testimony & Evaluation Form.
    • To earn ‚ÄúCertification‚ÄĚ status, attend a ‚Äúlive‚ÄĚ on-campus one-day practicum exam with a certified ABS instructor.
      OR: Submit a youtube video link of your best ‚Äúpractice 75-minute session‚ÄĚ from start to finish.

    Important Details:

    • Students have 1 year to complete, self-paced. We always allow extensions for extenuating circumstances.
    • Everyone learns at a different rate, but most students complete this course within three months while working a full-time job.
    • Practicum submissions will be graded as ‚ÄúPass‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúFail‚ÄĚ.
    • Multiple-choice exam requires 75% passing grade. Take the exam as many times as needed for a passing score, no worries.
    • All e-DVDs and webinars can be downloaded and viewed as often as needed.
    • A ‚ÄúDocument of Completion‚ÄĚ will be awarded to all students who submit a Course Evaluation Form and meet the outlined criteria with passing scores, however, ‚Äúcertification‚ÄĚ will only be awarded to e-Course students who either pass the in-person practicum exam in Newport, RI or with another Sacred Stone ABS certified instructor or submit a youtube practicum video.

    Recommended Equipment:

    • Sacred Stone Facial Set – The manual includes pictures of the stones and teaches you how to harvest your own for free. Or purchase here.
    • 4 Raw Chakra stones – Students may already have these stones and are very affordable and available everywhere. Or purchase here.
    • Massage Table
    • Neem Oil (optional)
    • Nasya Oil (optional)

    Click here to view the live seminar version of this course and the schedule

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    Hot Stone Marma Therapy For Face, Neck, Feet & Hands Online Certification


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