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Sacred Hot Stone Massage Therapy Online Certification

    NCBTMB Hot Stone Massage Online Continuing Education Credits

    Sacred Hot Stone Massage Therapy Online Certification

    Start anytime. Go at your own pace. Purely online.

    Receive an automated email with login credentials and instructions immediately upon purchasing this course.  Anyone may enroll. No prerequisites. This course is ideal for massage therapists, estheticians, Reiki masters, yoga therapists and other healers.

    Earn 50 CE credits. Most students complete this course over a span of 11 hours, despite the 50 CEs assigned to this course. NCBTMB (Provider #155301-00). Approved in most states, including NY & Florida.  Click here to discover your state regulations regarding massage therapy and continuing education (CBTMB) requirements.

    What is Sacred Stone Therapy?

    Stone medicine is as old as the earth. There is a Spirit within each stone, alive with sacred sweet earth energy. They are the Proverbial Record Keepers of the world, containing all the stories and secrets of Mother Earth. I developed Sacred Stone Massage Therapy to Newport, RI in 1999 while renting a summer home on a powerful stone beach. I have been a stone collector since I was 5 years old and wanted to bring the power of stones into my healing practice. My intention for this course is for my students to learn and apply these techniques and theories in order to elevate their healing practice and raise the vibration of the planet by exploring and attuning to the mineral kingdom. By adding Sacred Stone Therapy to my traditional massage practice, I witnessed my clients sinking deeper into a transcendental state that could only be attained while using the heat and shakti of the sea stones. They enjoyed my regular massages, but they called my Sacred Stone Therapy as “Spiritual Experience” that interfaced harmoniously with the restorative science of massage therapeutics. The stones embody the ability to remove stress, melt knots, soften pain and with proper placement, they can correct postural imbalances. I was known for my deep massages, but when I added the heat from the stones, I could go even deeper without pain. I was booking 3 months out with amazing results.

    I wrote the manual and developed the instructional companion video to teach students how to create healing stone layouts, gridding protocols and practice gliding, spinning, edging and flipping techniques designed to calm the central nervous system, improve systemic detoxification, and impart a peaceful glowing energy. My method is unique and different because I apply time-proven Ayurvedic, scientific modalities and theories that direct energy towards the “terminal ends” of the body and work with the chakra system combined with deep tissue effleurage. My stone placements are designed to enliven the “earth-bound” chakras, activate the natural healing intelligence of the body, awaken prana (life force), renewing the sweetness of life.

    Using heated and chilled mineral composites of granite, feldspar, quartz and magnetite, this treatment integrates traditional massage techniques, creatively blending science, physiology, anatomy, medicine and modern-day therapeutic touch with spirit. It’s a very holistic and comprehensive way to perform hot stone therapy. Classes in Rhode Island include a beautiful guided sacred stone harvest and ceremony. Stones are free in my Newport classes.

    Students can find directions for how to harvest their own stones at local rivers and beaches in the manual. The section of the manual shows photos the sizes, shapes of each stone and identifies the stones that are specific for each body part. It’s ok to use stones you have collected on your own prior to this course if their shapes and sizes align with the photos in the manual. If you don’t live near a river or beach to harvest your own stones, visit this link to purchase a set from me.  When a student purchases a set of Sacred Stone from me, I meditate and pray as I repeat your name to align with your energy. Once I feel the alignment, I am guided directly to the stones that want to be with you to do this beautiful healing work. It helps if you email a photo of yourself or friend me on Facebook to I can see your photo so make sure you receive the exact stones that want to be with you.

    You may also use your own gemstones and crystals from your own collection in place of the 4 upper chakra stones used in the video. It is also possible to use simple small sea or river stones in lieu of crystals on the chakras. I prefer raw gemstones for this work, but it’s ok to use polished ones.

    Watch an Interview (1999) with Karyn talking about Sacred Stone Therapy during an interview on Fox TV at the Living Better Show Below:

    Course Includes:

    • Online enrollment
    • Access to the student dashboard with explicit, helpful step-by-step instructions
    • Two 60-minute professional instructional mp4 eDVDs that can be downloaded with unlimited viewing
    • One of the eDVD is live footage of a Sacred Stone Therapy class
    • One PDF (digital) 105 page illustrated training manual (print or read online)
    • 74-Slide PowerPoint Presentation
    • Links and instructions on where to find oils, products and Ayurveda resource page
    • Sample Sacred Stone Therapy Client Profile
    • Overview of the foundations of Ayurveda
    • Online course forms
    • Multiple-choice open-book exam with 52 questions
    • Transcripts are automatically enabled for printing with a passing score
    • Certification upon meeting the practicum material listed below
    • This course allows students to download the eDVD(s) and PDF manual(s) to their computer, for viewing at any time and as often as they wish. Once you download your course materials, they are yours forever.
    • We provide two ways to watch our mp4 E-DVDs:
      1. On our website using our FV Flow Player. No download needed
      2. Offline downloaded from our website to your computer

    Steps to Complete the Course:

    • View the e-DVD and read the 130-page-PDF Illustrated Manual on your student dashboard. (downloadable)
    • Download and review the 74-page PowerPoint Presentation
    • Purchase Dr. John Doulliard’s book at this link: Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage.  It costs approximately $7 used printed or $19 for the kindle edition.
    • Submit five Student Practicum Forms for your five practice sessions. Each practice session should take about 75 minutes. Sessions may be performed in the location of your choice. Choose five different clients/friends/family.
    • Complete five critical essays for each of your five practicum sessions describing your favorite and least favorite parts of this therapy and how you executed it.
    • Complete The Student Essay Course Form.
    • Complete The Client Testimony & Evaluation Form.
    • To earn “certification” status, attend a “live” on-campus one-day practicum exam with a certified ABS instructor.
      OR: Submit a youtube video link of your best “practice 75-minute session” from start to finish.

    Important Details:

    • Students have 1 year to complete, self-paced. We always allow extensions for extenuating circumstances.
    • Everyone learns at a different rate, but most students complete this course within three months while working a full-time job.
    • Practicum submissions will be graded as “Pass” or “Fail”.
    • Multiple-choice exam requires 75% passing grade. Take the exam as many times as needed for a passing score, no worries.
    • All e-DVDs and webinars can be downloaded and viewed as often as needed.
    • A “Document of Completion” will be awarded to all students who submit a Course Evaluation Form and meet the outlined criteria with passing scores, however, “certification” will only be awarded to e-Course students who either pass the in-person practicum exam in Newport, RI or with another Sacred Stone ABS certified instructor or submit a youtube practicum video.

    Student Objectives

    • Contrast hydro-therapy using chilled, white quartzite stones and heated, textured mineral composites
    • Understand how to use stones as extensions of your hands as well as tools
    • Learn the different types of mineral composites
    • Become familiar with crystal healing and chakras
    • What are the best oils for each season and each client’s constitution
    • Learn the Five Sacred A’s
    • Grasp the ancient theories of Shila Abhyanga (Stone massage from India)
    • Discover the 5 directional flows within the body
    • Practice the Spinal Spin to unwind tension
    • Master at least 8 powerful gliding stone techniques
    • Ayurveda as it relates to ancient beauty secrets
    • Maintenance of the stones and roaster
    • Perfect the art of “Stone Spinning” to active chakras and extract pain and negativity
    • Understand how to purify negative energy with sound healing and peacock feathers
    • Marma points as they relate to healing the entire body and removing pain
    • Doshic oils affect the face and body internally and externally
    • Develop an “edging” technique to smooth out tight muscles and save your thumbs
    • How to do develop a mystical stone layout
    • How to balance postural imbalances with sandbags, bolsters and stone placements
    • How to activate the marmas in the body using stones
    • How to do facial analysis for medical insights
    • 8 effective and soothing stone strokes for the entire body
    • Crystal & stone layouts- for detoxification & rejuvenation
    • Specific directional strokes for terminal clearance

      Click Here to View the Sacred Stone Massage Therapy Manual Table of Contents

    “Good Morning Karyn. I am super excited to share this with you! I have been tracking my chakras each morning for awhile now and there are always several that are not flowing until I work on them. BUT this morning, EACH and every one was open and flowing freely from a Sacred Stone Massage I received from my friend who also took your class!!! SO fabulous and exciting. Thank you for bringing Sacred Stone into our lives. It is truly JUST the healing my body craves!! So much gratitude to you!! Many blessings to you and your divine gifts!!! ~Namaste~ XoXo ”— Andrea Miller

    Students who enroll in this course do not have to be a licensed massage therapist to become a certified Sacred Stone Therapist. However, this course can NOT  license graduates to become a legal massage therapist. If you would like to legally become a massage therapist, contact the Board of Health in the state where you reside to learn about your state’s requirements for massage therapy. Research the difference between licensure and certification.

    NCBTMB Hot Stone Massage

    Click on this link to purchase stones if you can’t harvest your own

    Hot Stone Therapy Kits NCBTMB

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